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Fahad Yousif Al-Nassar: “My father and uncles knew Yousif from 1960 and some of them studied EFL in Torquay. I myself studied there in the summer of 2001. An unforgettable experience… I enjoyed myself and learnt to stand on my own two feet. Also, the natural beauty of Torquay made my family bought a house in Torquay”

Mohammed Abdulla Al-Beijan: My father and family knew Mr.Yousif from late 1960’s and my father studied there in the 1980’s. On three occasions my father made up groups of 10/12 students including myself, where we stayed for 6/8 weeks… we learned many new values of life, but also enjoyed the many activities”.

Abdulla Mahmood Al-Gareeb:Mr. Yousif met my father in 1970 and become close friends… I studied with Mr.Yousif at EFL for 2/3 summer courses… I love Torquay and will never forget it”.

Ahmed Yousif AL-Abo:My father knew Yousif from the 1969’s and I and two brothers studied in many summer courses and then took a winter course which prepared me for a University in the USA. I am now in the University in the states as also my brothers we shall never forget Torquay. I also acted as IMAM in the Mosque

Marzook Al-Otaibi:I and my friends have taken many summers courses with Mr. Yousif in Torquay, and each time have not only profited from taking the EFL courses but we have contributed in helping to run the Mosque

Moadh Saud Al-Osaimi, Fasial & Hamed Al-Ghanam:We have all studied many times in Torquay plus sending our friends and relatives from the 1990’s… in all cases we loved Torquay”.

Ali Mohammed Al-Shaya: My family and relatives have known Mr.Yousif many years. Not only taking summer and winter courses but on one occasion Mr.Yousif rented a house and I and my family spent the summer there”.